DIY: Gallery Wall

DIY Gallery Wall : Stoney Clover Lane

Moving to New York meant a totally blank, empty space, and I {Gabi} could not have been more excited to start decorating my new apartment. My favorite thing we did in the apartment was the gallery wall above the couch in my living room. It started out with a few pictures and prints that I had collected and kept from “decorating” my various collage rooms/apartments in Nashville, and quickly grew as I found more and more great prints online. My roommate Alix and I had so much fun picking out different prints and frames to mix and match on the wall, and now that our collection had grown, we knew it was time to start.

First we measured the area of the wall that we wanted to fill, and recreated these dimensions on the floor by marking with tape. We then laid out the framed pictures in the area on the floor until we figured out the perfect design. With the help of our handyman (thanks Andy!) we hung the pictures up, replicating our placement on the floor. Since everything shifted a bit once it was up on the wall, we ended up having extra space and filled it with some more of the prints we had as well as a few new ones, and the whole wall came together perfectly! LUCK+LOVE

gallery wall1

gallery wall2

gallery wall