Coachella 2015 Must-Have Accessories

2015 Coachella Accessories : Stoney Clover Lane

We LOVE Coachella! Everything from the parties to the fashion and of course the music. This April we are heading back to Indio for the fourth time, and will be taking these 10 Coachella must-have accessories with us for sure! LUCK + LOVE

  1. Vanessa Mooney necklace
  2. Fendi sunglasses
  3. Sarah Frances Kuhn iphone wristlet
  4. Topshop crossbody sunglasses case
  5. Stoney Clover Lane bracelets
  6. Stoney Clover Lane pin
  7. Emi Jay hair ties
  8. backup phone charger
  9. Topshop body art tattoo pens
  10. Tattly friendship bracelet temporary tattoos