90s Fashion Comeback

90s comeback : Stoney Clover Lane

We love the 90s! Everything from beanie babies to dunkaroos to inflatable furniture to All That and of course The Backstreet Boys. And as 90s girls we can’t help but feel nostalgic for our favorite fashions of the decade (some of which we aren’t necessarily too proud of now- see below), so we jumped on these five 90s trends that are making a comeback in 2014.

  1. Adidas sneakers that we personally can’t believe we went so long without
  2. Stoney Clover Lane choker necklaces that look great layered
  3. Scrunchies like these seen at the Rag/Bone 2014 spring preview
  4. Saint Laurent bandana print scarf & Tibi bandana print pants that let us channel our inner Rihanna
  5. Plaid printed skirts that we’re “totally bugging” for



Kendall’s ultimate 90s haircut to match our idols Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Kendall 90s

Libby’s Limited Too graphic tee and jean skirt outfit.

Libby 90s

Gabi’s mix of butterfly clips, clogs, and enough chokers for everyone.

Gabi 90s