DIY: 4 Easy Emoji Crafts

4 Easy Emoji DIY Crafts : Stoney Clover Lane

If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE emojis–and not just in our texts. Our emoji collection is one of our absolute favorites yet! And just like our bracelets, we wanted to take emojis to a whole new level with these 4 awesome emoji DIY crafts! LUCK+LOVE

1. EMOJI PUMPKINS from Brit + Co

DIY Emoji Pumpkins

2. EMOJI COASTERS from Perler_Art

Blast from the past- perler beads are a great way to make fun and creative coasters! You can use stencils like this and this to make the perfect emoji.

DIY Emoji Coasters

3. EMOJI MASKS from Alice & Lois

DIY Emoji Masks

4. EMOJI BALLOONS from Studio DIY 

DIY Emoji Balloons