Friday Fun Day: Halloween Popsicles

Stoney Clover Lane Halloween Popsicles

Halloween is just around the corner, and we made the cutest popsicles to celebrate! LUCK+LOVE

What you need:


  1. Fill the molds about 3/4 full with Sprite
  2. Add the gummy candy
  3. Put popsicle sticks in the mold
  4. Place in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen

Halloween Popsicles: Stoney Clover Lane

Halloween popsicles

Gummy worm popsicles

Happy {belated} Birthday Kendall!

Kendall's Emoji Cookies : Stoney Clover Lane

Kendall celebrated her 23rd birthday just a few weeks ago, and we’ve never seen so many desserts and balloons in one place! Everything from cupcakes to push-pop cakes to rice krispie treats, and even some of the famous popovers from Neiman Marcus (thanks Lib!) One of our favorites were these adorable cookies from Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop. Each cookie was hand painted with two of our favorite emojis, of course, and we were obsessed! We couldn’t help but think they’d be perfect to eat wearing our matching princess emoji bracelet! LUCK+LOVE

Emoji Cookies : Stoney Clover Lane

Kendall's Birthday : Stoney Clover Lane

10 Year-round Halloween Accessories

10 Year-round Halloween Accessories

We love Halloween! Everything from the costumes to the decorations to the crazy makeup. And as much as we’d like to wear our princess costumes long after October 31, we know it’s time to put them away until next year. But that doesn’t mean the Halloween festivities have to end! Here are our top 10 favorite Halloween accessories that you’ll want to keep out long after Halloween is actually over. LUCK+LOVE

  1. Wildfox black cat / skeleton sweatshirts
  2. D.L. & Co. snake notebook
  3. Charlotte Olympia spider web flats
  4. Thomas Fuchs cheese board
  5. Edie Parker clutch
  6. Zoe Karssen bat shirt
  7. Stoney Clover Lane pumpkin & ghost bracelets
  8. Rachael Rice skull dreamcatcher
  9. Candy corn painted mason jars
  10. Jessica jack-o-lantern nail polish

Hello World!

Stoney Clover Lane

Welcome to our brand new blog! We are very excited to launch this page in addition to our newly updated Pinterest! Having just moved into a new office in New York City, it has been weeks of designing and decorating, and we are in love with everything so far! We wanted to post some pictures, so we thought with a new office space we would launch a new blog space to share our fun-filled days with all of you! We are going to try and update our blog 1-2 times a week to start out, so if theres anything you want to see us post about let us know! We can’t wait to show you behind the scenes of photo shoots, sneak peeks of new products, our favorite things, and so much more!! LUCK+LOVE